Good vibes, arts, and Good deeds !

Can the Lofi community do concret thing to help the world being a better place to live ?

Relax to my radio, and if you want to help me doing good deeds, you can donate here or directly to the association you want to help !

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Do i live with the project ?

Can you help for free ?

Yes of course, there are many way to put one’s stone to the building for free. planting trees by doing research on internet, or watching a live stream of the abyss to help scientiste ? it’s free, it’s for everyone, and it’s make the world better !

” i’m noone alone, but together we can do the impossible”

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i’m paying the studies of an art student






support the radio!

support the radio!

support the radio!

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Votre contribution est appréciée.

Votre contribution est appréciée.

Take my money !Take my money !Take my money !

They need you rigth now !

« there are many things that only seem impossible until you try them. »

André Gide